News and Analysis 10/28/22

Israel’s murderous siege of Nablus continues as raids spread across the West Bank:

The “Delhi Development Authority (DDA) along with large number of police force demolished over two dozen houses without any prior notice” while the Muslims residents were at prayers:

“UN experts … called on the Human Rights Council to urgently take action, including by establishing an international mechanism on Iran during a special session”:

In Biden’s eyes, settler colonialism and apartheid are cherished American values:

The The Punjab and Haryana High Court has defended the agency of Muslim women, refusing to allow the state to overrule a young woman’s decision to marry of her own free will:

“Israel and its supporters have stopped responding to the substance of the carefully documented reports on alleged violations, and concentrated their energies on allegations of UN antisemitism“:

“Turkmenistan has ignored repeated international calls … to introduce a genuine civilian alternative to compulsory military service [and] to stop prosecuting and punishing conscientious objectors”:






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