News and Analysis 10/30/22

If you are surprised that Israelis beat a child attending a pacifist school or gun down a construction worker en route to his job, then you don’t understand political Zionism:

Reprieve, a UK-based human rights charity, said injustice is not rectified by the return of the Pakistani businessman “to his family a frail old man, after being taken in the prime of his life”:

The notion of female agency eludes both the Iranian and Indian regimes:

Taking down an exhibit by a non-Palestinian that did incorporate antisemitic tropes didn’t stop critics from employing the IHRA definition of antisemitism to smear Palestinian artists:

Hindu victims say a trust headed by BJP leader Ranjeet Dandir tricked them into selling their lands by falsely claiming Muslims would be moving into the area:

“The damage was extensive, with concrete vaults for burials destroyed”:

“Despite the threat, student associations reported protests at dozens of universities across the country on Saturday, from the capital of Tehran to the central cities of Isfahan and Yazd”:






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