News and Analysis 11/5/22

Caricature, “misrepresentation and absence of research” used to deny AIPAC’s work to ensure that “no one in a position of power deviates from the Israel line”:

The scholars find the IHRA definition of antisemitism is “problematic. Vague and incoherent” and  deters free speech “to shield the Israeli government from accountability” …

… case in point: a student falsely attacked as anti-Semitic for posting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”  on Twitter, and for protesting a former Israeli politician”:

For quoting Mahsa’s father’s denial that his daughter had any underlying health condition, a reporter joins the two journalists who helped bring Amini’s story to world attention in Evin prison …

… while the number of protesters arrested climbs to over 10K:

“America’s fear following 9/11 led us to the depths of human depravity, ripping apart families and holding its members in prison for decades, only to be released following ‘wrongful conviction’ judgments”:

“Al Salam representatives say despite the fight, they continue to see support from the local community and interfaith community”:

The Kerala High Court correctly recognizes the Qur’an gives women an absolute right to divorce:

“A lot of the times, Muslim men conflate culture with religion. So culturally, they might not want Muslim women to be in places of leadership, but Islam as a religion elevates the woman”:

Israel’s hard swing to the right means more of the same for the Palestinians:

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