News and Analysis 11/12/22

As the U.S. and Israel object to a U.N. request for an ICJ opinion on Israeli human rights practices …

… the settler/soldier onslaught continues:

“We will not allow this Nevada prison to ignore a federal court’s order” CAIR Staff Attorney Kim Noe-Lehenbauer:

A film festival organized by JCC Manhattan aims “to illustrate that criticism against Israel was not to be conflated with antisemitism” …

… while one in Ramallah organized by Film Lab: Palestine serves an “audience [that] cannot travel freely”:

Naga believes he was dismissed in retaliation for a suit alleging that a committeeman used “an obscene phrase offensive to both Blacks and Arab Muslims”:

“State Representative-elect Ruwa Romman and state Senator-elect Nabilah Islam will be the first Muslim women in their respective chambers”:

“The course prepares students to critically engage with … the recurrent misogynistic and Islamophobic ways” in which the Middle East and Islam are represented:

The U.S. calls on India “to restore local elections and political rights in all the regions across the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir“:

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