News and Analysis 11/14/22

As the UN asks the ICJ for an opinion on Israeli human rights abuses, the occupier state is angered by Ukraine’s lack of hypocrisy on illegal occupation:

To understand why no Pakistan PM has never managed to complete a five-year term … it is crucial to focus on Pakistan’s army”:

School buses fear to tread on the roads Israel refuses to maintain:

Although the Qur’an makes no explicit mention of transgender, transsexual, or nonbinary persons, it “clearly recognizes … people neither male nor female”:

Israel bans harming animals in “natural reserves,” so Palestinian farmers are at the mercy of the wild boars that destroy their crops, animals, and kill the farmers:

“Iran’s Revolutionary Court issued the sentence to a protester who allegedly set fire to a government building”:

Israel continues its unprovoked murder spree which is now victimizing Israelis as well:

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