News and Analysis 11/17/22

Shouldn’t Elon Musk’s “free speech absolutism” apply to on-the-ground reports of Israeli crimes?

Twenty-one “detainees have been charged with security-related offenses that are punishable by death” …

… but propaganda that thousands of protestors will be executed is false:

As if to demonstrate the danger, Palestinians will not be allowed to discuss the effects of conflating criticism of Israel with antiSemitism:

Developed countries have imposed an “externality” on poor countries through CO2 emissions, but Pakistan’s “solution” of reparations to corrupt governments is problematical:

“The law … prohibits public school teachers, police officers, government lawyers and a host of other civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work”:

The prize jury in Germany “withdrew a Lifetime Achievement Award from renowned British playwright Caryl Churchill over her support for Palestinian rights”:

Symbolic, yet unprecedented, a “pressure campaign from Democratic members of Congress pushing a Democratic administration to take a firm stance against Israel”:

Israeli soldier / settler violence continues:

Most experts doubt Iran has plans to build a bomb but “[f]ew doubt that Iran would reduce its breakout time … to mere weeks … if the deal were not restored”:






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