News and Analysis 11/18/22

Neither schools nor the autistic are safe from Israel’s war on children:

A mother complains “Plainclothes forces shot my child. That is it” …

… and a leader tweeted of the government’s responsibility to “family members of those who have been killed or wounded” and “to uphold their rights”:

Israel’s new government will expand the protection given to settlements illegal under international law”

“A’isha, reports how the Prophet (PBUH) kept praising women of the holy city of Medina for their spirit of enquiry and quest for knowledge”:

“Israel’s refusal to cooperate should raise questions about the US/Israeli relationship”:

Many “children of Muslim background in the care sector … suffer from mental health issues, racism, Islamophobia, estrangement …, and a sense of isolation and shame”:

“[E]xtended family members, friends and neighbours” all are subject to Israeli “collective punishment'”:

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