News and Analysis 11/21/22

Understanding Israel’s cruel response to a nonviolent protestor …

… can help explain why it won’t join “80 states, including the US, UK and France” opposing attacks on civilians …

… and why the settler / soldier terrorism continues:

After journalists are threatened online by presumed militants, Indian police police respond by raiding the homes of … journalists(!):

Better security due to the end of the war frees access to an estimated trillion dollars in resources:

Human rights groups and opposition parties demand “the release of all jailed human rights defenders in the Delhi pogrom UAPA case, calling arrests ‘state witch-hunt'”:

Israel continues to disregard the property rights of Palestinians:

‘Hurriyat Conference expresses grave concern and anguish over the cold-blooded custodial killings of young boys arrested … while in police custody”:

“[A]fter the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces there seem to be no questions about the place of politics in sports, and more specifically in association football”:

“Activist groups inspired by Islamic and pro-environment ideas have the potential to do more to address climate change, if those in charge hear them out”:

Qatar has permitted alcoholic beverage sales “in hotel bars for years” but made a last-minute U-turn on the sale of beer in the stadiums during the World Cup:

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