News and Analysis 11/24/22

Israeli demonstrators shout “I’m proud to be a racist” and “You should all be in camps,” and a former Israeli police chief says suspicion of Ethiopians is only “natural”:

Somali-American Muslims withdrew their request in deference to their neighbors, but still do not know why the call to prayer should be treated differently than church bells”:

Palestinians and Israelis each kill a noncombatant teenager, making this the deadliest year since 2005:

The school claims to encourage differences of “views, beliefs and opinions” but students who challenged a claim on homosexuality in Islam were “put in isolation and suspended”:

The day before, “Israeli settlers, under army protection, closed the main entrance of Nilin town, west of Ramallah”:

“The three largest Muslim majority countries, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangledesh, have already elected a women president. How many women presidents have we had in this country?”

With the spread of adoption of the flawed IHRA definition of antisemitism, conflation of criticism of apartheid with antisemitism becomes increasingly problematic:

“Fatima’s role as treasurer for that early group of British Muslims was ‘so important’ as women ‘can’t even get into a load of mosques’ boards now, never mind [be] a treasurer'”:

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