News and Analysis 11/26/22

As appalling as Israel’s violence against education, trade, and fishermen may be …

… things are about to get worse:

Malaysia’s liberal advocate of Muslim democracy pledges to fight corruption and “uphold the rights of all citizens”:

Khan’s father heard his son’s screams at the police station less than an hour before police delivered the dead body to the hospital:

Israel threatens free speech in America as well as in the areas under its direct control …

… and humanitarian efforts as well:

“The complex interactions between establishment feminists and government institutions explain the former’s [clamor] … on certain … issues and … silence on other[s]”:

“In addition to Ghafouri, two other former soccer stars have been arrested for expressing support for the protests”:

The “pattern of infiltration, investigation, approach, incitement and provision” is not limited to Muslim communities:

In a “forward-thinking community where women have a lot of freedom to make their choices. And one of those choices is to live a religious life and wear religious dress”:

But the American consulate remains closed:






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