News and Analysis 11/28/22

To date Israeli soldiers have killed 77 children, Palestinian fighters killed one:

“[T]he ‘Hindutva’ (Hindu supremacist) project in India is adding diversity and objectivity to its anti-minority hatred”:

Victims of Israeli detention now include Jewish activists as well as Palestinians:

Khan “denounced numerous alleged incidents of official intimidation, legal harassment, threats and attacks against himself, his supporters, political allies and journalists”:

“Moradkhani called on people around the world to urge their governments to cut ties with the Iranian regime amid protests sweeping the nation”:

MBS shares his father’s “distrust of any independent reform movement”:

Initiatives fail to address how the “criminal justice system subjects Muslims to surveillance, deportation, and detention, that fuel hate crime violence”:

Israeli medical negligence causes one man to lose most of his teeth and the medical issues underlying another man’ s severe body pain are ignored and he is treated only with pain-killers:






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