News and Analysis 12/1/22

While the Zionists suppress accurate reports of their apartheid and oppression …

… they publish libelous falsehood about Palestinian human rights organizations and activists:

Iranian police say security forces are not the ones who killed the young man, but then why are they “refusing to hand [his body] back to his family”?

“Israel is asking allegiance from a people who are under occupation; this is forbidden”  — Sahar Francis said

“Many of them are young women in their 20s”:

As Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians continues …

… its propaganda arm howls against depictions of atrocities committed by Jewish forces in the 1948 war whether in fiction or documentary format:

The proposal for Muslim women’s colleges was made and approved “after large number of Muslim girls … opted to stay at home” after the ban on hijab on college premises …

… a better solution would be to let women decide for themselves what to wear:






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