News and Analysis 12/3/22

Israel’s apartheid is not identical to South Africa’s — it is worse …

… but Israel will not tolerate the truth:

“Although some religions believe that human life begins at conception, this is not an opinion shared by all religions or all religious people” — ACLU statement:

“Like Andrew Jackson in 19th century America, Ben Gvir represents a settler underclass demanding the full privileges derived from native dispossession”:

“[O]ne of the very first Qur´anic prayers that Muslim girls and boys are taught is, “O my Lord, increase me in knowledge” (20:115):

Settler / soldier violence against Palestinians in November also included razing almost 200 acres of land and the demolition of seventy homes …

… and December is unlikely to be different:

“89 Muslim American candidates [won] local, state, federal and judicial seats across 25 states”:

Has Israeli oppression reached a point beyond which even the Congress cannot close its eyes?

“The proud Palestinian-Houstonian actor is doing comedy that makes you uncomfortable. And Hollywood loves it”:

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