News and Analysis 12/5/22

Has Iran suspended the morality police? No one knows, but perhaps curtailed would be a more precise word:

The games have “pierced the illusion that the Abraham Accords are anything more than agreements between an apartheid state and brutal dictatorships”:

“Recent testimony before the Senate confirms multiple reports that exposed the CRA’s disproportionate auditing of Muslim charities, under the guise of preventing terrorist financing”:

An official admits that a security officers mistakenly shot at people “who were not even near the police station, killing some men, women, and children who were not even protesting”:

The video shows Israel’s claim that their murder of a civilian was a response to  someone in the incident throwing a Molotov cocktail is false …

… while the incoming national security minister praising what human rights groups describe as the “execution” of an unarmed man in “broad daylight:

“[R]eligious leaders are picked without following the legal process and detained incommunicado”:

Israel’s denial of its brutality is not directed only at fictional depictions such as “Farha” but includes factual accounts such as reports of human rights organizations:

Will the Taj Mahal be the next target in the RSS campaign against India’s Muslim heritage?

Raids “are conducted with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses in keeping with its sweeping arbitrary powers”:

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