News and Analysis 12/30/22

Calling an an art history class display of a historical Muslim image of Muhammad (pbuh) Islamophobic “has privileged a most extreme and conservative Muslim point of view. . [and] flattened the rich history and diversity of Islamic thought”:

As Israeli oppression continues to mount …

… one act of IDF terror leads to charges:

Her campus activism “made her the target of online hate mobs, … her father was arrested on what she describes as flimsy and specious pretenses and has been held since, and finally, she speaks about the shocking destruction of her family home by a bulldozer”:

“Authorities apprehended him in September 2017 amid a widespread crackdown on Islamic clergy and other prominent Uyghurs, for traveling to the holy city Mecca in 2015”:

“[I[n Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan in particular. Islam and Muslim organizations operate also as social actors and have social agency, especially women”:

The man Lady Warsi accused of having “the same ‘crazy’ anti-Muslim policies as Donald Trump” wants to publish a report distracting from the real threat of right-wing nationalism with the bogeyman of Muslim extremism:

“The biggest victim of [BJP intolerance] have been members of communities of religious minorities of India, especially Muslims and Christians” …

… and Sikhs tradition is collateral damage:

“Rouhani said Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) valued the opinion … of the people and consulted them on matters, … even … when he held a different opinion himself”:

The Global Islamic Council objects to Google placing a factual definition of Jews second to a slur:






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