News and Analysis 1/3/23

The increasingly flagrant nature of Israeli racism may have no immediate effect on U.S. government policy, but its effect on the American Jewish community is visible in an open battle over free speech:

“Swedish authorities have rejected the allegations [of Islamophobia], saying they reserve the right to oversee private school activities.” Since the 1990s the private schools have been funded by the government:

India killed almost two dozen innocent Kashmiris per month in 2022, and so far in 2023 the pace is picking up:

“Ghaz?l? (d. 1111), in his treatise The Just Balance (2016), not only develops a model of critical thinking from the Qur??n itself, but he also coined the term from a Qur?anic verse, ‘And weigh with the just balance’ [26:182]”:

A 15-year-old and a 17-year -old are among those shot dead by Israeli troops:

Charges that night raids are really aimed at creating suspicions about Muslims are supported by an officer’s response to the question as to why the police had seized books, “What else can we do? We cannot return with bare hands”:

“Syria blamed Israel for an airstrike on Damascus International Airport overnight between Sunday and Monday” which is “the second attack on the airport since June”:






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