News and Analysis 1/5/23

Sweden’s “progressive” child protection service has taken Muslim children away from their parents on mere suspicion of potential physical abuse and turned them over to sexual abusers:

MPAC declares its opposition to ” the ideology of compulsion in general” stems “not from a political or partisan perspective but from a deeply held sense of moral and religious obligation flowing from our Islamic faith and sincere commitment to God”:

The convicted terrorist’s plan to go to al-Aqsa raises concerns not only among Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, the UN, and a former Israeli PM, but even in the U.S. government:

A “stateless Palestinian who was held … in Juneau, Wis., … for overstaying his visa … says Christians were allowed to participate in unsupervised group prayer”:

A young woman held up with the Qur’anic commandment to all Mulsims, male and female, Iqra, which means Read!. Rather than take the advice, the Taliban took away her placard:

Israel continues its rampage of detentions, demolitions, expulsions, and the murder of children:

“France’s Foreign Minister … dismissed the outrage and said Iran ‘practices violence against its own population’ and, unlike France, doesn’t have freedom of the press”:

She “won a special election … after a hard-fought campaign scarred by Islamophobic attacks. She will represent the First Ward … [of a Minnesota] city of about 71,000”:

“If I hadn’t had the research background I have, … I would be afraid of basically all Muslim leaders in Sweden” —  Emin Poljarevic, associate professor of sociology of religion:






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