News and Analysis 1/8/23

At the time Tunisia’s presidency “denied US pressure to dismiss” its ambassador to the UN, who had “prepared the draft resolution condemning ‘deal of the century’”:

Amnesty International “said all of those facing death sentences had been denied the right to adequate defense and access to lawyers of their choosing”:

As Israeli continues it violence against the legitimate owners of the land and their children …

… the new national security minister expresses his pleasure that those who resist will not be treated moire humanely:

An exploration of Keralan Muslim women “redefining themselves within the Islamic traditions … on issues like widow remarriage, the right to property, the purdah system, and the Islamic ways of life … against the State and religious oppression”:

Poor representation of women and complete absence of Muslims makes the “managing committee [look like] a unit of the political party headed by the current government”:

The election of Muslim woman to the Wisconsin statehouse is a novelty …

… but in New Jersey a Muslim mayor who’s “seen both Democrat and Republican mayors who are Muslim win elections in New Jersey” says, “We can get over the stereotypes and biases if we serve our communities well”:

“[A]lthough the marriage is valid in Islam, if couples fail to register with Jais, their marriage is not recognised” leading problems “like dealing with their children who are getting married” and inheritance”:

“[I]t was the first time a cultural object has been returned to the Palestinian people from the United States”:






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