News and Analysis 1/9/23

Homes, wells, young people, the PA, its own Arab citizens, and a PTA are among the targets of the apartheid state:

The silence of Muslim political thinkers stands “in stark contrast to the deeply egalitarian message emphasised in both the Quran and Mohammed’s teachings”:

The son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany now faces discrimination for not excluding Israel from his campaign to blow the whistle on oppressive governments:

“Both hijab bans and hijab mandates exist to control women”:

It’s more of the same as the Democrats replace Nancy Pelosi (if the Capitol “crumbled to the ground,” we’d still be aiding Israel with Hakeem Jeffries (“Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever”):

“When the Phules were thrown out by their families for promoting education among Dalits and other castes, Fatima Sheikh encouraged the couple to establish the first all-girls school … at her home”:

AI technology pretends “impartiality, while remaining flawed on topics, such as racism in politics and the Palestinian issue”:






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