News and Analysis 1/12/23

Human rights activists, Palestinian Alumni of Harvard Kennedy School, and Kenneth Roth himself speak out against HKS’s “support for Israeli state-sponsored violence and apartheid”:

He didn’t believe the judges would really file charges, but then he didn’t believe the raid would happen in the first place:

“[M]isusing the label ‘Islamophobia’ has the negative effect of watering down the term and rendering it less effective in calling out actual acts of bigotry”:

Israeli violence continues …

… and Palestinian political prisoners (such as Marwan Barghouti) are transported along with hardened criminals in a bus with conditions that violate international humanitarian law:

“Hashemi has been jailed several times for making anti-government statements and participating in protests”:

“[T]he court will be offering its view on Israel’s attempt to make permanent what is meant to be a temporary military occupation”:

“Iran or Saudi Arabia – are more permissive of abortion than many American states are”:

“They are going to go to extreme lengths to avoid a sustained confrontation with the Israelis” — Aaron David Miller:






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