News and Analysis 1/19/23

It is illegal to deport a native for even an actual crime; Israel’s willingness to deport people for exposing human riots violations demonstrates the criminal nature of the state:

Judge says that when the only way to avoid Christian services is to return to your cell, it amounts to an ultimatum of “Be Christian or be penalized”:

Dean Douglas Elmendorf says his decision to deny Roth a fellowship was “a mistake” …

… but a man invited to join the Young Global Leaders  Network after his efforts to expand property rights in Palestine is suspended indefinitely for contrasting WEF silence on Israel with its solidarity with Ukraine:

Government “eviction of natives from the so-called state-owned land … has … raised fears that the authorities aim to settle outsiders to alter the demography of the Muslim-majority region” …

… and 24 of the 112 shutdowns last year were in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir:

“Calls have mounted in recent years, including among Israeli activists, for greater transparency about the conduct of nascent Israeli forces during the 1948 conflict”:

A Muslim human rights group says a court ruling forcing a woman born Hindu into Islam because her mother “unilaterally” converted her to Islam in childhood during a divorce violates the Qur’an:

The Israeli Supreme Court’s revocation of the appointment of a Netanyahu ally because of his criminal convictions may accelerate the new government’s plan to dominate the judiciary:

“Because sanctions prevented us from ever putting our equipment in Iran”:

Settler/soldier violence continues unabated:






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