News and Analysis 1/24/23

“Roth himself … [calls] on the university to take a stronger stance in support of academic freedom with regard to criticism of Israel—particularly for those who do not have the public profile he does” …

… and the drafter of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism deplores hatemongers’ abuse of what was meant to be a broad analytical tool into a narrow legal bludgeon:

The prohibition on non-Muslim students in Muslim schools is inflammatory in a country where “non-Hindu children are studying in Sanskrit schools [and c]hildren of every religion are also studying in missionary schools”:

Amid the ongoing avalanche of Israeli violence and oppression …

… the case of a Palestinian man shot to death after he lost his place in the vehicle check line for helping a driver with a flat tire is so outrageous that even the Israeli police admit it bears investigation:

Geert Wilders’ right-hand man wanted to give his anti-Islam rhetoric a factual grounding, but instead he found “Islamic answers to … Christian questions”:

Women’s access to education is especially important because, “women are the backbone of our [Islamic] society”:

“There are 221 cases against VDGs for alleged involvement in acts of violence such as murders and rape”:

“Deputy Minister Avi Maoz is establishing a government agency that aims to eradicate Israel’s secular identity”:

“[T]he mob entered a private flat at which a Hindu woman was celebrating her birthday with her friends … after hearing that five Muslim men and two Hindu women were there”:

The “AP and Shomrim have documented the money trail from New Jersey to imprisoned Israeli radicals who include Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin and people convicted in deadly attacks on Palestinians”:






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