News and Analysis 1/26/23

In the apartheid state, Palestinians property rights and educational rights are easily ignored …

… and political rights are next on the chopping block:

“India’s federal government blocked [the BBC documentary] over the weekend and banned people from sharing clips on social media, citing emergency powers under its information technology laws”:

He “never received proper medical and mental health care for some of his physical and mental health injuries. In addition, Emad was not allowed to practice his religion as a devout Muslim”:

Is the conflation of anti-apartheid with anti-Semitic becoming harder even in the Congress?

“Even if the government intends to provide us with benefits by creating these new IDs, their authoritarian treatment towards the people of Jammu and Kashmir has made us doubt their intentions”:

The Israeli army continues its violent rampage:

Complaints include a “dildo monkey” at children’s reading time, an 11-year-old exposed to sexual intercourse, and parents questioned as to why they declined to join an LGBT after-school club”:

”There’s a proposal on the table now that the UN together with the OIC … would co-convene with a number of countries an international conference within March on women in the Muslim world”:






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