News and Analysis (12/17/08)

UN passes resolution addressing the pirates who disrupt commerce along one of the world’s most active sea routes…

…However, a piracy expert warns military action may have intended consequences as “Militias could … [feed] false intelligence to get rid of the competition:”

Sentence of three years of hard labor is viewed as a landmark to protect women:

Defense attorneys request that evidence obtained by the warrantless surveillance program be declared illegal:

Criminal charges could amount to a 17 cent fine or as much as seven years in prison…

… Meanwhile, al-Zaidi’s brother accuses the Iraqi military of torturing the reporter:

US soldiers expected to remain in Mosul past the June deadline for withdraw from Iraqi cities:

“The lifting of the emergency is only basically to address the concerns of the international community but on the ground its not going to change the situation.”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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