News and Analysis 2/9/23

The “leader of Turkey’s main opposition party … accused the government of failing to cooperate with local authorities and weakening non-governmental organisations that could help”:

A report on digital rights by Israel, the PA, and Hamas in Gaza and tech companies “especially with regard to the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to privacy, and the right to assembly and organization”:

Insider “critics have called for meaningful change if the Islamic Republic is to weather the storm. But there is no evidence that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is listening”:

The IDF “destroyed hundreds of dunams of wheat crops without a giving the owners notice” and for good measure razed a cemetery as well …

… and destroyed “property during barbaric incursions” into the Aqabet Jaber refugee camp:

Modi “has cast India (and … himself) as a kind of universal mentor…. It’s not a claim that goes well with a recent past riven with bigotry” and continuing “to profit electorally from his reputation as an anti-Muslim strongman?”:

Administrative detentions now exceed 1,000, almost 50% above the peak during the second intifada; but the world doesn’t seem to care:

“With an estimated 2,000 Muslim students on campus, yet only one prayer room that accommodates 35 people, some reported having no choice but to pray in closets and stairwells” — Western University’s Anti-Racism Working Group’s final report:

As 20,000 protest bulldozers targeting the “largest concentration of Muslims [in Jammu City,] … the most prominent politicians of J&K [who] also have large homes in the area … are not being targeted”:






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