News and Analysis 2/13/23

“The ethnic minorities and refugees leading the community response in Turkey already knew not to rely on the government” …

… which “has provided periodic ‘construction amnesties’ – effectively legal exemptions for the payment of a fee, for structures built without the required safety certificates” …

… and observers note the threat to Erdogan in parallels today to the 2002 election that brought him to power that include not only “the aftermath of a massive earthquake” but “a financial crisis that was punishing its economy”:

Eight of the 44 Palestinians killed by Israel so far are minors …

… and the settler murder spree continues as Israel legalized more oif the outposts in  violation of international law:

“[T]housands of Iranians are also gaining experience standing up to authorities and navigating the prison system, which could become a grim asset for the decentralized movement”:

The “policy change … allows departing detainees to take their work with them”:

Congress looks to promote a once-designated terrorist “despised and hated by Iranians across the political spectrum”:

Israeli authorities locked up so many “Arabs between the ages of 16 and 55” that the number of Palestinian non-combatant detainees ‘far exceeded’ those of Arab soldiers in regular armies or bona fide POWs”:

“So far, India, like China, has benefited from Muslim-majority states emphasizing national interests rather than communal and identity concerns. However, that may prove to be a fragile proposition”:






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