News and Analysis 2/22/23

“Politicians in Syria, Turkey, and the United States are getting in the way of relief efforts”:

“The Supreme Court can ignore our First Amendment rights, but we will continue to vigorously exercise them” — Arkansas Times publisher Alan Leveritt:

“Marcus Garvey … and the organization he founded, the Universal Negro Improvement Association, pushed for the creation of a separate Black state based on Islamic principles“:

The escalating Israeli violence …

… is motivated by a desire to promote Palestinian hardliners as “a pretext for the most radical and dangerous policies on its agenda”:

“Keynote speaker Angelica Lindsey-Ali, a certified sexual health educator and wellness coach, encouraged women to include religion and spirituality in their business plans”:

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti called for peaceful resistance to the property tax he says is “part of the BJP’s larger agenda of impoverishing the people of the union territory”:

A family relative claims vigilantes abducted the pair, “assaulted them and turned them in to a local police station alleging they’re cow smugglers. The cops refused to take them so the gang put” them in a “car and set it on fire”:

“The government recently gave thousands of pounds to a Christian group whose chair said Islam is ‘demonic’ and ‘spiritual wickedness’, the National Secular Society has found”:

Given the “popularity of alternative facts and the vigorous efforts to manufacture and disseminate revisionist, divisive and supremacist narratives of the past” makes the availability of historical documents all the more important:






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