News and Analysis 2/26/23

Following the precedent of fellow populists in the white West, Kais Saied comes down hard on blacks and immigrants:

Unless the third party candidate wins, the tradition that the presidency alternates between Christians and Muslims and that the VP be of a different religion than the president will be broken:

How was “an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, best-selling author, lecturer, intellectual, and media commentator … duped … by a man who has been indicted on corruption charges”?

Iranians call for abolition of the death penalty, just litigation, the end of impunity for political crime perpetrators, reconstruction of a completely independent judicial system, and acceptance of diverse narratives:

To Shawcross bad Muslims are those who “critique … Zionism, [oppose existing] domestic and international policies, [or favor] conservative religious views, etc.”:

Saudi Arabia, “unlike Qatar, is unlikely to engage with its critics and adopt some reforms, including” relenting on its  changes to its “crackdown on freedom of expression far harsher than Qatari restrictions”:

“[F]armers, workers and marginalized sections” are protesting government “attempts attempts to ‘take back’ what it says is land that has been “illegally occupied”:

They ask for including explicit protection for “the rights of religious groups, something they said 22 other states included when they passed laws” protecting sexual orientation:

Settler violence continues:






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