News and Analysis 3/2/23

Israel support for settler violence is not tacit at all:

Iran isn’t the only country where people are protesting custodial deaths:

To “suggest Palestinian children should not be seen or heard because the expression of their reality ‘discriminates’ against Jewish people – or Israelis – feels extremely dangerous”:

Four organizations “are calling on the international community to take action to stop forced organ harvesting in East Turkistan”:

The school suspended “a Black female Muslim [who] reportedly fought off the physical advances of a white male classmate” while giving the molester mere detention:

“To come forward as a witness in India is an act of extreme bravery, possibly madness, because witnesses are themselves on trial”:

“The Biden administration is appearing to endorse Israel’s escalations against Iran — a move that would necessitate U.S. involvement in a new Middle East conflict no one wants”:

“In many cases the signed and stamped voter tallies at the polling units differed from the results registered at the INEC collation center”:

“[T]here are no longer contiguous lands on which a viable Palestinian state can be established”:






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