News and Analysis 3/6/23

Israel is determined to continue its oppression of Palestinians even on Muslim and Jewish holidays, and even if they are American citizens:

U.S. withdrawal from JCPOA bears its inevitable fruit:

Fearing he “would be snubbed by the U.S. administration” over his call for genocide during his upcoming visit to Washington, Smotrich now says he “misspoke”:

“If the poisoning of students is proven, those behind this crime should be sentenced to capital punishment and there will be no amnesty for them” — Khamenei:

There is no end in sight for the nearly daily violence by soldiers and settler:

“The brutality began as an effort to disrupt Muslims praying together but morphed into a protracted effort to punish those who prayed”:

Premodern Muslim scholars accepted that “variety, disagreement, and even outright contradiction are the inevitable outcomes of the human endeavor to comprehend God’s message” …

… unlike today’s Bahraini government that prohibits “discussion and questioning of Islamic law” as mockery:

“Kashmiris have had the colonial concept of ‘state lands’ mobilized against them as [a ploy] to cast Indigenous communities as illegal occupants of their own land”:






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