News and Analysis 2/9/23

Terrorist supporters of the apartheid state will live and those “with the purpose of harming the State of Israel and the rebirth of the Jewish people in its homeland” will die …

… among the terrorists allowed to live will be these:

[D]raft amendments to digital media guidelines … would essentially allow the government to block any content [the Modi administration] doesn’t like”:

“Pourtabatabaei had criticized the lack of any reaction from the authorities in Qom to the first reported cases of poisoning”:

The Zionist campaign to block Palestinian from from a writers conference reflects a broader problem of racist-based hypocrisy:

The UN looks at the status of women in Islam at its 67th CSW forum:

A “Muslim couple has no way under the [traditional interpretation of Islamic inheritance] law to make someone their sole heirs”:

“[A]ll scheduled flights, including those carrying humanitarian aid, would be rerouted to Damascus and Latakia after the ‘Israeli aggression’, according to state media”:

The fact that he “was urged by his most senior general to agree to a ceasefire with Pakistan in 1948″ challenges the BJP narrative:

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel “stated the U.S. would support Israel no matter what action it took”:






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