News and Analysis 2/11/23

The U.S. decision to welcome Smotrich should come as no surprise since his genocidal statements only audibly articulate Israel’s founding policies:

“[M]igrants have been attacked on the streets, thrown out of their homes, and suspended or fired from their jobs”:

As settlers attack residents and an unidentified terrorist strikes “a popular nightlife district,” Israel attacks a hospital and the PA attacks a funeral:

” As a proud Muslim woman, I know the transformative change of women’s leadership and the long legacy of examples in our faith community”:

Israel has systematically attacked Palestinian energy sources, for example confiscating “solar panels and systems in Area C of the West Bank”:

MbS embraces a China-brokered deal with Iran even as he seeks an anti-Iran, a pro-Israel deal with the U.S.:

“The assailants claimed that the Muslim man was carrying beef”:

“And if anyone seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he can hear the words of God. Then escort him where he can be secure”:






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