News and Analysis 3/13/23

Iran’s “Judiciary Chief … said that those involved in the crime would face the charge of ‘corruption on earth,’” which carries the death penalty” …

… while among “82,656 prisoners and those facing charges” pardoned for Ramadan, are over 22,000 arrested during the recent demonstrations:

MbS’s Ramadan gift: bans of donations to mosques, after-sunset meals or children praying in mosques, extended prayers, and broadcast of prayers:

Massacres continue because they are part and parcel of the Zionist enterprise:

What drives the reformist zeal of [MbS and MbZ] is not change because it is the right thing to do … [but] the survival of their autocratic regimes”:

“Straight from the Israeli playbook, India is brutalising Kashmiris, demolishing homes it claims have been built illegally on ‘state land’”:

“In most Western countries, the size of standard prison cells ranges between six and 12 sqm, while in Israel, it is less than 3 sqm”:

Saudi normalization of “relations with Israel … is now possibly off the menu”:

“Executed … by the Franco regime in 1936, Infante is remembered as a martyr for the Andalusian nation and … his sympathies towards Islam are well established”:

With the new President and VP both being Muslims comes a call for Christians as Chief of Staff Secretary to the Government of the Federation:






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