News and Analysis 3/16/23

In no other country an incident like this occur to be met with silence by American media and politicians:

A professor at the Wayne State University School of Law blames the U.S. for a “legal and policing architecture that … governments across the world adopted”:

Israel ignore 36 psychologists to extend the isolation of a man for six more months after seven years of imprisonment …

… and delays another prisoner’s “treatment for a malignant tumor” …

… while releasing an 83-year old after seventeen years during which he relied on fellow prisoners to meet his health needs:

AI accuses “Iran’s intelligence and security forces … [of] committing horrific acts of torture … against child protesters as young as 12”:

Burning villages is an Israeli tradition …

… along with “property and mosque arsons, stone-throwing, uprooting of crops and olive trees, attacks on vulnerable homes, among others”:

“D.C. hawks say American military might brought order to the Middle East, but without U.S. meddling, regional rivals finally made a deal” …

… and economic benefits and other agreements could come quickly, and maybe even progress in Yemen …

… with no harm to U.S.-Saudi relations:

“Palestinian journalist Laila Odeh” was suspended in connection with “her use of ‘pro-Palestine’ terminology on her personal social media accounts”:

The then 21-year-old woman sought “to avoid objectification, that our body is judged according to beauty stereotypes”:

“This is my son’s taqdir. If I kicked him out for being who he is, then I reject what Allah has destined for him, for my family”:






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