News and Analysis 3/24/23

Israeli Ramadan gifts to the Palestinians include murder, home break-ins, breaking up fast-breaking meals, withholding corpses, a plan to ban political parties, and even an attack on a church …

… but at least prisoners will be allowed to break their fast:

“A new report shows the degree to which American financial institutions discriminate against Muslims”:

Blocked by Israel from conducting her investigation in-country, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights is forced to investigate remotely and from  and nearby venues:

“The portrait of El Sayed’s irascible, outspoken Nana (grandmother) is vivid and memorable, and gives the lie to racist stereotypes of Muslim women as passively oppressed and silent”:

  • Book Review: Young Muslim Woman’s Memoir Deserves Respect and Attention (Vancouver Sun)

“[T]he idea of Palestinians as an ‘invented people’ is a common view among Zionists”:

A “drone strike killed a U.S. contractor, injured five American service members and wounded one other contractor in Syria”:

“There is no greater danger to the regime in Israel than its turning into a democracy” — Gideon Levy:

Israel provided no evidence for its claim that militants were in the area:







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