News and Analysis 3/26/23

“Video from the scene showed Muslim men and women praying, shouting at police officers as the officers removed worshipper”:

The U.S. “response to a drone attack earlier in the week that killed an American contractor in Syria,” Iran charges, “hit civilian targets”:

Slahi is smeared purportedly for answering the U.S. call to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan three decades ago, but really for criticizing Israeli apartheid today:

“The arrest and detention of persons for exercising their human rights are arbitrary. There must be accountability and remedy….” —  Mary Lawlor:

“While US media fixated on Russian interference in the 2016 election, an Israeli secret agent’s campaign to influence the outcome went unreported”:

“Tatars considered the peninsula their historic homeland and made up 12% of the area’s population of 2 million before Moscow illegally annexed it nine years ago”:

“It was the third shooting reported within a month in …  a town that has been a focus of Israeli military raids and a settler rampage in recent weeks”:

The rail company has apologized to the man praying in a secluded corner of the station for the guard’s order that he pray outside in the cold:






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