News and Analysis 3/29/23

“[T]he Israeli opposition have little to offer and no way out so long as they refuse to look at those roots, at the violence upon which the state of Israel is founded”:

“[S]everal court rulings in recent years underlined that a blanket ban on headscarves … violates religious freedom guaranteed by the constitution”:

“Indian authorities appear to be intensifying the long-standing repression of Kashmiri civil society” — UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor:

Settler attacks continue:

“There is virtually no let up in Consistent Barrage of hate speeches, calls for genocide and acts of violence against Muslims”:

The goals of the PA are “to control the extent of protests” and its leaders are comfortable “remaining subcontractors to the occupier”:

Humza Yousaf becomes “the first Muslim national leader in any Western democracy”:

The West will not hold Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Israel to the standards it would impose on Russia:






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