News and Analysis (3/2/13)

Ignoring Hagel’s warning against the dangers of American pushiness, the new Secretary State, already facing charges that America has taken sides in Egyptian and Syrian internal affairs, urges Turkey’s PM to stop equating the Zionist project of expropriation, persecution, and demonization against the Palestinians with anti-Semitism:

“Both sides visit London, Belfast and Dublin to learn methodology and psychology that led to negotiations breakthrough …. [both] Turks and Kurds also went to the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh to gain insights into how to devolve power from the centre, an issue that is likely to loom large … if things get that far”:

The author describes herself as “firmly agnostic” but sees the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as an extraordinarily sensitive advocate of the 99% who “earned such a lot of respect by that stance for so long … [a period] of non-violent resistance to violence against him”:

A “Hamas leader warned that Obama’s visit to al-Aqsa Mosque — Islam’s third holiest site — if accompanied by Israeli security forces will have ‘catastrophic ramifications on the current political situation”L

“Abdullah, who grew up as a Southern Baptist and converted to Islam, is the religious leader of Light of Reform Mosque in Washington, D.C.” ,,, said that the antigay views among some Muslims and others are rooted in what he believes is misguided “cultural interpretations” rather than the truth of “God’s message to all of humankind:

NATO says it mistook the boys, both under age under seven, for insurgents:

The violence was parked by conflicting rumors, “Some residents believe the woman, who is a teacher, converted to Christianity and is hiding inside the church. Others suspect she was forced into conversion and is being held against her will inside the church. Egypt’s Coptic Christians … have long complained of discrimination by the state”:

As Rumi’s populariyt continuesw t skyrocket thank to the Internet, Omid Safi warns, “Reading the Masnavi without the Qur’an is as foolish as reading Milton without the Bible”:

The satiric group intends “to stage a new innovative protest in front of the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters every week. The group will then post the videos of their protests on their Arabic Facebook page[,]” saying, ‘It’s a change from violence to sarcasm and it’s peaceful. There has been enough blood, enough arrests, enough trials’”:

The inventor “leaves behind a market of grateful customers: Muslim women, who have flocked to his invention of a “breathable” polish that allows air and moisture to reach the nail bed. Some scholars say the cosmetic is uniquely permissible under Islamic law”:

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