News and Analysis (12/23/08)

After fighting in an illegal war, some people would rather die than sell others on taking their place:

“It seems like these guys under normal circumstances weren’t going to do anything until a government informant initiates contact with them and incites them” — James Yee:

An  “agreement between Hamas and the Islamic Jihad militant group to temporarily curb rocket attacks” may open the way for another cease fire with Israel:

The U.S. called them al-Qaida linked militants who tried to shoot on U.S. forces, but “Afghan officials say the three killed were innocent Afghans:”

“I assume the new administration will have someone on a plane to Europe within minutes of Obama being sworn in” — Sarah E. Mendelson, director of the Human Rights and Security Initiative:

Controversy over the speaker’s insults had bogged down the resolution to allow non-American troops to stay in Iraq:

With 30,000 more Americans scheduled for deployment and violence against foreign forces reaches its peak since the Taliban ouster …

… but schoolgirls as well as foreign fighters are the targets of violence:

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