News and Analysis (3/9/13)

“The new cabinet will be led by the Islamist Ennahda party, backed by two secular parties and some independents. Ennahda has ceded control of key ministries, including foreign affairs, defence and the interior”:

Harlem Shake versus Halal Shlake: “Harlem shakers claim to represent life by setting their dancing and colourful costumes against a culture they see as preaching death and darkness – a reference to black niqabs and gowns worn by followers of Salafis”:

The MB elders’ “preference for back-room dealings with the still-powerful institutions of Egypt’s “deep state” … have alienated many of [their] younger members. Former Brothers now rank among the Ikhwan’s most bitter and effective critics” and those ready “to ally with secularists, pose an increasingly potent threat to the Brothers’ electoral base”:

The gist of the prosecution’s case is that he praised those who fought America:

On the heels of the expose of the Iraqi development debacle, USAID unveils its ambitious project for Afghani women; an Afghani legislator reviewing the USAID document detailing the project says, “I hope there is going to be very strong monitoring”:

A “retired resident of the city, told the al-Ahram newspaper: ‘The verdict is politicised… only two of the police officers were convicted.’ He accused President Mohammed Morsi of trying to placate fans of al-Ahly, who are known as the Ultras”:

Even though the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibited wartime rape, no court ever raised charges until Sivac and Cigelj presented their overwhelming evidence. The effort finally paid off in June 1995″ when their “collected evidence exposed the magnitude of rape, which courts could no longer ignore” was presented at the Hague:

“[T]he collective has wrapped itself in the rhetoric of anti-imperialism. However, the goals of the organization are now limited to removing “Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube”:

“[One sign in the crowd … read ‘Beitar Will Always Remain Pure’. You will forgive me if my mind is blown. If there are people of any country on Earth who should know how toxic and destructive a sign like that is, shouldn’t it be Israel?”:






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