News and Analysis 7/16/23

The man sought the permit to prove a point by not using it:

Israel is as eager to eraser the history of Palestinians as to erase their villages and the people themselves:

“The management of the media was one of the central planks of the Modi government’s policy-making on Kashmir”:

The Palestine Water Authroity WA said that Mekorot “is depriving Palestinians of having sufficient access to water, especially during rising summer temperatures” :

“[M]ore than 300 clerics, Islamic scholars and researchers … said they were launching a campaign in Africa to counter stereotypes that impede the emancipation of Muslim women” …

… but in Iran a woman was sentenced to wash corpses for a month for “‘non-compliance with hijab’ while driving” …

… seemingly part of a new campaign to put the morality police back on the streets 10 months after nationwide protests were sparked by a woman’s death in their custody:

“Israeli soldiers attacked, on Friday evening, a peaceful sit-in against Israel’s policy of forced eviction, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem” …

… and “Palestinian residents had tried to defend themselves after settlers stormed their lands, damaging their crops and trying to run over their sheep”:

“Most of us Hindus wear a mala, tilak, or other religious identifiers but we have never been told anything by our managers or passengers. No one had any objection to the said conductor wearing a skull cap”:

“When the enslaved Muslims rose in the Malê Revolt, … the authorities deported most of the survivors”:






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