News and Analysis 7/23/23

Israeli theft of Palestinian history takes some literal turns:

Although “at the lowest point of its almost centennial history, … [the Muslim Brotherhood] will most likely bounce back thanks to the adaptability it has always shown in the face of crisis”:

The expropriation of Palestinians’ “rivers and the groundwater beneath their feet, … made Israel’s present water surplus possible, … without which [its] technological water revolution would never have happened”:

“Kashmiris have been targeted, along with critical journalists and political campaigners. After all, they are the only ones standing in the way of India’s full-fledged shift to authoritarianism“:

“Israel’s deepening occupation-cum-apartheid system of Jewish supremacy has provided huge momentum to the extreme elements within the Israeli society”:

“As the school has since changed its policy, Umme Kalsoom hopes her campaign will have a nationwide impact”:

“Israeli settlers took over the family’s home on 11 July after they were expelled by Israeli forces”:






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