News and Analysis 7/26/23

Opposition member Ofer Kassif says there is “penetration of the occupation system culture” from the Palestinian territories into Israel itself demonstrated the current government is “fascist” …

… but however bad the impact on Jews, the Palestinians believe the new law will hit them hardest:

USCIRF concerns include France’s “restrictions on religious attire, … fining religious leaders exorbitant sums …, [and] threatening to close their places of worship”:

“If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza” said the man who compiled the list …

… while “occupation forces denied all PRCS ambulances from accessing Nur Shams camp to deal with injuries” and delayed an ambulance crew trying to reach a pregnant woman:

“[G]ender identities are well recognized in Islamic jurisprudence. The mukhannath?n (effeminate men) of Medina inhabited the social space during the time of the Prophet”:

Does Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor have close ties to BJP/Hindutva? To even ask the question may cost you your job, get you “barred from local political events,” or worse:

The decision to ban beauty salons sparked a rare public protest in Kabul…. Security forces dispersed the gathering, using fire hoses, tasers and firing guns into the air”:

“There is no Quranic injunction against women’s traveling alone”:

“58% of American Jewish voters support restrictions on US military aid to prevent Israel using it to expand West Bank settlements … and one-quarter said that ‘Israel is an apartheid state’”:

“Internet restrictions often happen in times of political unrest … — which is when people need to be connected to one another the most”:






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