News and Analysis 7/28/23

A Shia community leader says India’s prohibition of speech “about the situation or against the establishment … doesn’t serve the purpose of a procession of this nature”:

When the iconclastic singer first read the Qur’an she realized, “Oh my God, I am home” …

… and wore the hijab only because she”liked it”:

“Human rights campaigners have stressed that this is aimed at giving small Jewish communities the power to prevent Palestinians from buying or renting homes”:

Iran seems t9o reversing the limitations on inspection introduced in response to Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal form the nuclear accord”

Although Orthodox Judaism forbids Jews entry to “the compound for religious reasons, nationalist religious Zionists such as Ben-Gvir have encouraged”:

“Most Muslim-majority nations view educating girls as crucial to their society”:

Israel’s authoritarian laws got no criticism as long as they were aimed at Palestinians:

The “charity Muslim Engagement and Development … has been aware for years of Muslim organisations and individuals having their bank accounts closed without good reason”:






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