News and Analysis (3/11/13)

“For more than ten years [Mohammed Fahd] Qahtani, an economics professor, has been one of the most outspoken human rights activists in the deeply conservative country. Qahtani believes Saudis must demand their rights, and that speaking up and demanding a stronger rule of law is a moral responsibility”:

“More than 600 attacks on Muslims were reported since March 2012, from a five-year-old child who was hit by a car to an 89-year-old pensioner…. The majority of those physically attacked on the street, harassed or intimidated were Muslim women, 58% of incidents”:

“The protests come a day after hundreds of Muslims rampaged inside a Lahore neighborhood of at least 50 Christian homes… ‘This current government … did not touch the blasphemy law, even though everyone in the parliament was on board …,” says … a lawyer in Lahore who defends those facing a possible death sentence under the law:

Buddhist extremists argued that because stores found it “impractical” to offer both halal certified and non-certified product lines, Buddhists were being “forced” to buy the halaal products:

Karzai and Hagel give conflicting narratives of America’s longest war:

“Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, the consequences are legion: a country divided along sectarian lines, a new authoritarian leadership, a region destabilised, western armies licking their wounds and international diplomacy discredited like never before.” Not to mention the “bodies, … displaced people, and hundreds of millions of dollars”:

Protesters charge that “the investigation was not serious…” The “Tunisian authorities say they have arrested four hardline Salafi Islamists in connection with the killing, but that the gunman who fired the fatal bullets is still on the run”:

Ask the Afghani immigrant in the “proud to be a Muslim T-shirt;” living in the “world capital of gambling, fornication, adultery, prostitution, immodesty, licentiousness, drinking, gluttony, vanity, … and not a little taking God’s name in vain when visitors’ luck runs out in the gambling halls” is no impediment to practicing Islam thanks to “freedom of religion”:

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