News and Analysis 7/29/23

An Israeli court has given the go-ahead for the forced eviction of 500 Palestinian Bedouins in the Negev/Naqab region, highlighting” Israeli  apartheid:

The complaint was charges falsehood in published reports “which detailed the October ‘kidnapping’ of a scientist and ‘bans and arrests’ of artists who backed the protest movement”:

Do Christine Aguilera and Imagine Dragons have the courage of Sinead O’Connor’?

“Unlike the conventional development of cultures, Israeli surface culture came prepackaged—American fast-food style—by appropriating those very elements from the age-old traditional Palestinian culture”:

The “cultural and Islamic guidance department of Gilan” says he was removed for a “suspected misstep.” Is this the language they would use had he not been a government official?

“India’s postcolonial nationalistic discourse ultimately served to entrench its colonial foothold in Kashmir”:

Authorities in Iran probably think that “upholding copyright would necessitate refusing to arbitrarily abridge or alter the content of the books, and this is something they won’t acquiesce to”:

Sinaed’s imam and friend says that she loved the fact that in Islam one communes with God directly with no need for an intermediary:






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