News and Analysis 7/31/23

There was nothing rules-based about flouting “international law by recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights and” by unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement:

“An Afghan branch of Islamic State … [targeted] the Jamiat Ulema Islam party [that] has ties to the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban”:

The ICC charges the defendant with the criminal imposition of extremist cultural norms on a victimized population (especially women) under the color of religion:

Israel’s current leadership is not embarrassed by Kahane’s solution to reconciling a Jewish state with democracy: just expel or kill the non-Jews:

“The charred walls of the Azizia library, torched during an extremist riot along with its 4,500 books, are a reminder of the violence of the Hindu nationalist mob”:

Once she started “primary school, [she] was bullied because she was wearing a hijab. They don’t want to play with her and [say] ‘You’re not my friend’ and now she doesn’t want to go to school”:

Meet “the man doing [the] dirty work” for the Israelis:

“At least one person was killed and 20 others injured in the clashes that erupted … after a video was posted on social media by … a member of Bajrang Dal who’s … a suspect in the murder of two Muslim men”:






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