News and Analysis 8/2/23

The economist blames authoritarianism in the Middle East on the absence of Merchant associations, waqf inflexibility , and “apostasy, blasphemy and heresy rules” …

… case-in-point, the head of Al-Zaytun school facing ” a maximum 10 years in prison if found guilt of blasphemy and hate speech”:

The journalist was “barred from the flight when they alleged her laptop tested positive for ‘explosives’” — say what??

As mobs riot and kill, families provide sanctuary:

“The oldest congregation in America … brought with it the traditions of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 by the Catholic Monarchs, whose culture was … deeply connected to the Muslim and Arab world”:

Leaders of a union of county school principals  expressed “concerns that some of the books are not appropriate for the intended age groups ad, in one case, not appropriate at all for young students”:

“Bringing Benzina off the subs bench … proved that the hijab is no barrier to playing football at the highest level despite having been subject to a ban on health and safety grounds until 2014”:

“The removal of the Article 370 of India’s constitution … meant the Muslim-majority region is now run by bureaucrats with no democratic credentials and lost its flag, criminal code and constitution”:






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