News and Analysis 8/5/23

“The drill comes as thousands of Marines and sailors on both the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan and the USS Carter Hall, a landing ship, are on their way to the Persian Gulf” …

… as the danger of war with Iran increases under malign Saudi and Israeli influence on U.S. policy:

The Israeli water company ‘Mekorot’ extracts Palestinian’s water from the West Bank and preferentially distribute sit to illegal Israeli settlers:

In a domestic violence situation, she called the sheriff’s department, but who arrested and booked her. Charges were dropped, but a female deputy yanked off her hijab …

… while in attack on hijabi women in a public park, one has her nose broken “and another was placed in a headlock and punched”:

“[G]ender non-conforming people have been part of Islamic history from the very beginning”:

“The popular phrase … invoked by numerous rappers who adhere to Islam” comes from the title of the opening chapter of Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali’s 12th century opus  ‘The Alchemy of Happiness‘”:

“Police have now arrested dozens of top Brotherhood leaders, while seven of its members have been deported to neighbouring countries and many are reported to have left” the country:

The young Nigerian artist says that because “‘I didn’t see a doll that looked like me’ …  she decided to make her own”:

“Hardline vigilante Hindu rightwing groups, emboldened under the Modi regime, have carried out sustained persecution and lynchings of Muslims”:

… case in point:

The settler-soldier violence continues::






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