News and Analysis 8/6/23

“Basri carried out three of those attacks on Jewish sites upon the orders of … an Israeli intelligence officer who supplied Basri with grenades and TNT explosives” and “an order ‘to terrorise and not to kill’”:

“While healthcare organisations warn the country’s judiciary is hijacking psychiatric medicine for its own purposes, others cite the move as being a sign of the government’s inability to enforce hijab laws”:

Israeli terrorism continues:

“Modi has harnessed the country’s already rampant anti-Muslim bigotry and weaponized the law to reward his acolytes and punish his detractors”:

“There are more than 100,000 Muslims living in Ireland and approximately 90 places of worship, but only a small number of graveyards for those who practise the religion”:

“It would be highly unusual for the UK to proscribe the armed forces of another state”:

“Muhammad XII thought the agreement would make the Catholic Kings respect the rights of Muslims under fully Christian rule, ten years later, all of them would be forced to flee by royal decree”:






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